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One little word!

Posted: February 24, 2012 by Kara in marriage

I was thinking on some things from this past year. As some of you know I picked a word to pray over my life last year in order to grow more in God. You can find more information for your personal journey through one word at

Last year was a life changing miraculous year for me in many areas and in my marriage as well. When God is working in your life it would have to go to show that He would work in your marriage as well, seeing  that your marriage is the most important relationship in your life next to your relationship with God.

As I was pondering I thought how much could God work if we as couples prayed a word over our marriage for the year or even just six months.

Is there an area in your marriage that could really use God’s help?  Are you struggling with communication? Are you struggling with intimacy in your marriage? Or maybe you are struggling to just find time for one another in your busy days? Or possibly you need a connect point, like a hobby to bring you back together where you have drifted apart. We all could learn to dance a little better with one another, not in the figurative sense but in the way where we compliment each other in our daily living. Where I might be a little weak in one area, my spouse may be strong therefore we come together stronger not weaker because of our weaknesses. We compliment each other!

Life gets challenging sometimes so I know that we all have areas where we need some strength from God. Dig deep, pray for direction!

Praying together will in fact change your marriage.  Come into agreement with one another, find a word or a phrase and pray it for six months to a year and  just see what God can do! I know He will work miracles, I trust Him and I put all my confidence in the fact that He wants to better every marriage! Remember that one of the best marriage principles you could ever apply to your marriage is daily prayer time together.

We chose “Dance” as our word for this year and I can not wait to see what God is going to do! I would ask all of you to pray for us this year and we will in turn pray for you. If  you feel comfortable sharing your one word with us we would love to hear it, so after you have spoken to the love of your life, head back on over and leave a comment!

He amazes me daily with His love towards me! Cast all your cares upon Him, He is ready to do a miracle in your marriage!

A post by  The Generous Wife really got me thinking about dancing, go check it out! While you are there checkout her series on submission.


My hill to die on…

Posted: February 18, 2012 by Troy in marriage

A while back I heard a sermon preached that dealt with fighting for our values and one of the things that stuck out in my mind was the reference to choosing our battles and picking what hill we would choose to take a stand and fight to the death on.

There are something’s in marriage that can be reflected on in the same manner. We should always have our core values as listed in the bible but we as a married couple also have things that we feel like are the fabric of our marriages and are important to us as individuals… It’s those things that we can choose to stand and fight for or move on to live another day.

We DO have to keep in mind just WHO it is that we are fighting… It’s our spouse.. The one we fell in love with. The one we met at the alter and said “I do” to. The one we cherish. The one who allowed us to love them. The one who is supposed to be our best friend (mine is). The one who is the there for us when we are sick. The one who is there to comfort us in times of pain. The one who will grow old with us. THAT is the person that we are in a battle with, so when we choose to take a stand on a hill that we feel like is worth dying on… Consider who the loser will be.

We can choose to be “right” all the time or actually try to hear the other side of the story with an open mind. Guys let your heart lead you as well, for some of us we can point out a million reasons we are right but we loose the emotional battle at hand. It’s not easy to say “let’s try it your way this time” but sometimes that’s what it takes to be willing to bend and allow your relationship to grow.

God designed us to be ALL that we need to be for each other, it’s our responsibility to be what we are needed to be, and not always what we want to be.

Take Action!

Posted: February 15, 2012 by Kara in marriage

I woke up this morning and I didn’t know his name, I woke up this morning to what time had stolen away I searched, I looked but I couldn’t seem to find the man I had married, once upon a time.

As I gazed upon him in the morning light, I tried to find the familiarity within this man beside me. But time had taken away from me what I once had held so dear. My heart ached within me as I searched so hard to find , just one glimpse of who he was, this man lying beside me

Where did he go, it seemed so long ago. I wanted to find something in order to take the blame, but then I slowly realized that the blame only one could hold I couldn’t begin to fathom what I let time steal away

You see I went through life casting blame upon this man beside me,  but all I had to really do was take the time to heal, from all the let downs and disappointments that seemed to come our way.

To lie upon his shoulder and remember he was on my side. The tears began to fill my eyes from the memories of all the years that I had lost. You see I soon realized that sometimes it just takes one, One simple prayer, one simple time to put our trust in the Masters hand, to heal all the brokenness we can’t seem to carry on our own.

I could’ve given it to Him instead of casting all the blame upon this man beside me. You see I soon began to remember through all the yesteryears, of how he showed me he loved me in ways I didn’t understand.

Oh if only I could turn back time today, I would love him with such a love that my heart cannot contain.

You see I soon realized that love is not just an emotion but an action on my part. And because of lack of action, I woke up to find what time had stolen away.

You will have to excuse me because I still have longing in my heart, so I must go now to steal back what time has stolen away.

Ladies don’t forget that love inside your heart for your husband; remember it is action that will bring the love flowing back into your marriage. Let go and let God so that time doesn’t steal away precious memories, a precious friendship only meant for the two of you.

Share your heart with him; tell him how you feel loved.  Listen to his heart, Pray together, Find each other.  You are on the same team, fight like there is no tomorrow.  Fight like you’re trying to steal back time. Don’t let go of that man who has such great potential, believe in him, love him, and bring action to your marriage.

If it’s late in years you can still change your tomorrow. If it’s still early on then you have a blessing ahead of you so don’t let time slip away by anger and resentment by what he doesn’t do or maybe doesn’t see. Show him, lead him with your gentleness not with strife or quarrel. Yes those days will slip in, out of human nature, but that’s the time we place it in God’s hands and make a change that isn’t easy but oh so necessary for a great future ahead for our marriages. Get on your knees and don’t let go of what God has in store for your marriage, what he designed it to be.

Find a good mentor someone to help you grow when time gets hard. You won’t always like what she has to say but remember that she is on your side and make sure she is for growth in your marriage. He will come around, we both have to do our part but if he isn’t willing yet, you still have an obligation to do yours. Make sure God is your number one and your husband is your number two. It will be hard for some but I know you can do it. (Disclaimer: this does not mean putting up with physical or emotional abuse, seek safety.)

I pray many blessings on your marriages!I know that there are those men that may seem unlovable sometimes,  but they still need love, still long for love,  and respect from you, they just don’t know how to ask sometimes. Maybe ask them, maybe they need to get uncomfortable in order to see your love and motives for them.

A quote from a book I read by Mark Batterson says: “Pray like it depends on God but work like it depends on you” so that time doesn’t steal away time from your life like the lady in the poem above.

Take action Ladies!  We cannot make anyone do anything but ourselves.  Take action, it just might change the man you’re married too. Your action might transform your marriage and a miracle might take place.  Don’t let time steal away what God wants you to have in your marriage, don’t grow old and look upon your husband wondering who he is, learn your husband, and let him teach you who he is by being his best friend!

First post!!!

Posted: February 15, 2012 by Troy in marriage

Welcome to our blog! We believe that we should re-load our marriages daily with loving action! It takes action on both parts to have a great marriage! We can not sit around waiting for the other one to do their part first. Marriage is about both giving their 100 percent. We believe that God should be our number one and that our spouse should be our number 2!  We are a team so lets work together and quit working against each other. Things we would like to talk about on our blog will be about loading our marriages with great marriage principles. Just to get us started here are a few will be talking about in the near future:

Learning to Love

Overcoming obstacles

Applicable Marriage Principles

Daily forgiveness..because lets face it…we are not perfect!

We have been through many phases in our marriage over the last 19 years (almost 20) and we have seen God transform our marriage into something wonderful. Not perfect but wonderful! Hope you will join us on our journey to daily grow in our marriages!