My hill to die on…

Posted: February 18, 2012 by Troy in marriage

A while back I heard a sermon preached that dealt with fighting for our values and one of the things that stuck out in my mind was the reference to choosing our battles and picking what hill we would choose to take a stand and fight to the death on.

There are something’s in marriage that can be reflected on in the same manner. We should always have our core values as listed in the bible but we as a married couple also have things that we feel like are the fabric of our marriages and are important to us as individuals… It’s those things that we can choose to stand and fight for or move on to live another day.

We DO have to keep in mind just WHO it is that we are fighting… It’s our spouse.. The one we fell in love with. The one we met at the alter and said “I do” to. The one we cherish. The one who allowed us to love them. The one who is supposed to be our best friend (mine is). The one who is the there for us when we are sick. The one who is there to comfort us in times of pain. The one who will grow old with us. THAT is the person that we are in a battle with, so when we choose to take a stand on a hill that we feel like is worth dying on… Consider who the loser will be.

We can choose to be “right” all the time or actually try to hear the other side of the story with an open mind. Guys let your heart lead you as well, for some of us we can point out a million reasons we are right but we loose the emotional battle at hand. It’s not easy to say “let’s try it your way this time” but sometimes that’s what it takes to be willing to bend and allow your relationship to grow.

God designed us to be ALL that we need to be for each other, it’s our responsibility to be what we are needed to be, and not always what we want to be.


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