Looking Back

Posted: March 5, 2012 by Troy in marriage

Did you think the initial reasons you married your spouse would always be there throughout your marriage? I did. I held dearly to those thoughts.. I think my spouse did as well. I thought “when I marry her she’ll never change and we’ll always be happy” Then times came around when I WANTED her to change.. Those were the times in our lives when we may have drifted apart in one area or another.

But now I have realized that the young girl I married did change, she became the woman I love to love today. She became molded to me and I to her. But this didn’t happen overnight or without difficulties. We have scars in our past were we hurt each other. We have things back there that we could have done without, but each one also represents our ability to forgive one another, our ability to work through the hurts and pains of what our flesh does to hurt our marriages.

It’s a good thing my spouse isn’t the same girl I married back then, because I don’t think that person could love the person I am today. We have both grown and matured in a lot of ways. We have learned through our failures. We have prayed our way through the hurts. I am so happy that she is the woman she has become. I love her more today than back then, I have had the opportunity to get to know the real her on so many different levels. She completes me and that compels me to learn more about her. Knowing the real her that she is today I can understand where she is coming from when we talk.

If you are in a situation right now where you are looking back at the way your spouse used to be wishing they would change, stop a minute and pray and ask God to help you find the good that’s in them now. Remember you are probably not the same as you once were either.


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