You are a team! Now, who is your coach?

Posted: March 28, 2012 by Kara in marriage

We all know we are team in marriage; we are there to support one another. Now let’s focus on who our coach is in marriage. Who is your teams coach? I hope your answer is Jesus!

Sometimes we get a little side tracked and our eye gets off the real coach in life. We start letting our wants dictate our marriage instead of the coach. The problem is we get our eye off of loving our team mate and get it back on ourselves.

We want all the glory, we want to feel good. We start disagreeing with the coach and start doing things our own way. Yea he says to run with the ball this way but I think I can see a little clearer from my angle so I am going to try this play instead.

All along the other team mate is trying to follow the coach’s direction and realizes you decided to play by your own rules. Now they are not sure what to do, except run to the coach.

We need to both be following and running to the coach for direction in our marriages. That is through prayer, bible reading, communication, and intimacy.

We can never think we have learned all we have to learn about our teammate. We have to press forward and ask God to teach us new things about our team mate. Everyone grows daily so there will always be new things to learn about our spouses.

Don’t look for all the glory, look to God to make your team win, follow His leading. He sees the big picture. All we see sometimes is a tangled up mess but we are being made perfect through Him, He is growing our character, He is making us into all He designed us to be.

How could we ever think that our thoughts are above His thoughts toward us! Do you realize that the everlasting God, the prince of peace, the creator, the all in all, thinks about you? He made you who you are, put you together with your spouse to create something wonderful! Let’s follow His plan! Let’s follow His plays!


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