Posted: June 9, 2012 by Kara in marriage

A constraint is a limitation or restriction. I was reading a book today and it talked about an experiment with fish. They divided a fish tank with a glass pane and added food to the empty side. They watched to see how many times the fish would bump into the glass to get the food. After they stopped they removed the pane but the fish stayed on the other side of the tank even though they had access to the food.

I thought for a moment about the constraints in marriage. For years some of us try and try in our marriages but then we give up. We have gotten bumped around so much and we feel it’s no longer worth the effort to get hurt. We give up!

I was ready to give up but God moved in and removed the pane. He opened up my husband’s heart and He changed my marriage in a miraculous way. He changed both of us!

Even though I knew the pane was gone, I still lived behind the constraint. I was scared to move past the pane. I was living like I would get hurt if I opened up myself to the newness of my marriage.  I had a hard time trusting God with the control of my marriage. To be honest, I still struggle sometimes, but I push through it so that I can let go and let God!

God, He is the Blessed Controller! I had to let go and swim to the other side. And on days when I want to swim back, I have to remind myself that He is my guidance and I can trust Him with my heart, with my life, with my marriage! He will not fail!

Our marriages can be so great if we would trust God and swim past our constraints. Yes maybe it’s hard but He is greater than the hard and He wants so much for your marriage.

I was at a kid’s camp with my daughter this past week. The kids were asked to close their eyes and then asked who came from a divorced home. The amount of hands that went up brought tears to my eyes. I wondered, how many of these marriages could have been saved, how many of these marriages were living behind constraints that had been lifted? How many of these marriages could have been saved by simply letting God be the Blessed Controller?

God will lift the pane (pain) but you have to swim. You have to fight past what your mind is telling you and trust God with everything! He did it for me and He can do it for you.

Do you live behind a constraint that God has lifted?


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