Welcome to our blog! We believe that we should re-load our marriages daily with loving action! It takes action on both parts to have a great marriage! We can not sit around waiting for the other one to do their part first. Marriage is about both giving their 100 percent. We believe that God should be our number one and that our spouse should be our number 2!  We are a team so lets work together and quit working against each other. Things we would like to talk about on our blog will be about loading our marriages with great marriage principles. Just to get us started here are a few will be talking about in the near future:

Learning to Love

Overcoming obstacles

Applicable Marriage Principles

Daily forgiveness..because lets face it…we are not perfect!

We have been through many phases in our marriage over the last 19 years (almost 20) and we have seen God transform our marriage into something wonderful. Not perfect but wonderful! Hope you will join us on our journey to daily grow in our marriages!


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